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Are you looking for an over the road transportation provider?

If you need a trucking, transportation company to quickly and securely ship your goods to and from all major centres across North America you needn’t look any further than Spring Creek Carriers Inc.



Spring Creek is an asset based trucking company, (transportation provider).

We operate late model, environmentally responsible equipment that will transport your freight safely and securely while protecting our planet for future generations.

But we’re not just another trucking company!

We all know that there are lots of trucking companies for you to choose from and most of them will be able to get your freight from point “A” to point “B”. But if you want a different experience…one that provides you and your customer with “first class service”, you’ll want to talk with us.  Your first contact with Spring Creek Carriers will be with your “Dedicated Dispatcher” who will stay with you and your shipment until it safely and successfully arrives to its final destination.


We’ll answer the phone:
and your dedicated customer service team will manage, track & trace, your freight and communicate directly with you.  You will be notified whenever your freight picks up or delivers.  You’ll be treated like a customer should be from the very first contact.

Dock to dock deliveries;
We’ll pick up your shipment and deliver it directly to its final destination thus reducing handling, liabilities, and transit time.

Dedicated dispatcher:
One person will manage, track & trace your freight, and communicate directly with you.  You will be notified whenever your freight picks up or delivers.

Special Equipment:
We’re prepared for ground level loading situations with tailgates, ramps, and other specialized equipment.  All of our trucks are also equipped with straps, load bars, pallet jacks  to ensure safe and secure shipping while protecting your budget and bottom line.

Specialized Freight:
We’re experienced in all aspects of shipping requiring special attention such as health care and institutional freight.

We’ll Ship Anything:
We don’t think there’s anything that we can’t ship for you.

For all of your shipping needs give us a call at



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